About Rihanna’s Slapper Moves.

Rihanna,X Factor,Topless,Twitter,Picture,Video,Never mind that Rihanna is looking like a tattooed skeleton on meth it seems to me that in most of her Twitter pictures lately she’s been demurely posing topless. Whatever. It’s just reminds of what my mum said to my teacher when I failed my maths GCSE – “Just let a dumb bitch be a dumb bitch”.

Let’s keep the GROSS theme going by talking about her performance on last night’s X Factor. That must have taken some production. The producers must have have brought out their storyboards, had meetings in conference rooms and then spent loads of time in the editing suite. Not once did they realize where that unruly Rihanna was taking them because if they had then they’d have rolled on their office chairs right out of the building. They’d have kept on rolling until they went through the car park and far far away. The lip-syncing was awful darlings, simple awful.

On the other hand, RiRi almost stroking her soaking wet breasts did take the focus away from her monotonous yodeling and the rest of her non-existent dance moves, so I just don’t know.

In case you missed last night’s episode, here’s the video of Rihanna’s performance. You’ll find what I thought was the best part at around the 4:03 mark.

If you cant see the video please click here

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