Restrained Celebrities. EXHIBIT A.

restraining orders,Halle berry, Oliver Martinez,Gabriel Aubry,fight,injury pictures,These stunning pictures of Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry’s ex lover) were taken immediately after he was put into handcuffs for one of the following reasons:

1. Falsely impersonating Ricky Hatton.
2. Getting high on washing powder then trying to eat a pit-bull before putting his dentures in.
3. He’s that reptile character out of Amazing Spiderman.
4. He stood on Oliver Martinez’s foot and then spat in his face.

The answer should be number one, but it’s obviously number four.

You’ll remember how last week, Gabriel turned into a cocktail of angry French Candian and started a fight with Olivier Martinez on the driveway of Halle Berry’s Los Angeles home. Well, those pictures above are now EXHIBIT A – or otherwise known as the special memories Oliver left with Gabriel after he lost their fight of fists in front his daughter, four-year-old Nahla.

Immediately following the fight Gabriel was thrown in handcuffs for suspected battery. A court later ordered him to stay away from Halle, his daughter and Oliver Martinez.

Yesterday in another court, Gabriel flashed his heart breaking smile and asked a judge if a battered face like his deserves to be granted a beautiful restraining order against both Berry and Martinez.

In papers laid before the court this is how Gabriel explained his case:

“I suffered numerous injuries as a result of the attack, including a fractured rib, multiple bruises on my face and a number of cuts which required stitches.”

“It all happened so fast and so suddenly; I did not see Mr Martinez’s actions coming and thus I was not ready for it and was not able to defend myself.”

Gabriel also told the court that Martinez had threatened to kill him the day before the fight. Because nothing says I hate you like a restraining order the judge took one look at EXHIBIT A (above) and then duly granted Gabriel his order.

Meanwhile the Berry/Marinez crew are still focusing on keeping the crazy out of their lives forever. Later today in another court another judge will rule on the original court order which is still restraining Gabriel’s ass. That order runs out later today so Halle will be seeking a more permanent arrangement, arguing that if Gabriel cannot win a fight in front of his own daughter then he should be restrained indefinitely.

In other news Gabriel Aubry remains on police bail accused of battery and is due in court on December 13.

These celebrities eh, they’re just as trashy we are right?

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