I’m A Celebrity: Eric Bristow – Crafty But Nice.

I'm A celebrity,Eric Bristow,legal action,threats, editing, The dumb-ass news today comes to you courtesy of Mr Eric Bristow’s legal team. Eric’s rep Steve Mottershead says they’re considering throwing a lawsuit at the producers of I’m A Celebrity for committing acts of bitchery by not once portraying their client as the happy go-lucky person the nation was expecting.

Steve says that ITV should’ve known it was a bad move to put Eric in the same jungle as Helen Flanagan and goes on to say that they’ve deliberately made shit worse by serving Eric up as hardcore bitch who locked his brain in a dildo draw. (he didn’t say that in so many words #Leverson)

Steve (probably) thinks that ITV care more about making money than the reputation of his client and (maybe) believes that threatening to sue their asses will solve everything.

So from now on……

No close ups of Eric looking like he just fell out of Faces of Meth Magazine.

No shots of the grease on the bottom of Eric’s feet.

No defecation is permitted. (Note: I make typos every minute, that should read defamation. I disappoint myself.)

Edit out any mouth to mouth scenes with David Haye. (send to lawyers office)

Avoid any camera angles that make Eric’s face look like he’s wearing a Scream mask.

No shots of Eric carrying his urine sample.

When airbrushing Eric’s shower scenes use this color >> #FFCOCB for his bottom. ( never ever use #FFFFFF )

No teeth shots making Eric look like a camel who brushes with a chain-saw.

Rules to live by right?

You know, if Eric really wants to win this I’m A Celebrity mess (he placed 20k on himself reaching the final) then he should do himself a favor and delete himself from the internet. Our shit is doing him no favors.

None the less I do hope that this all goes to trial. And if it does then I also hope that Eric does the right thing by asking Hugh Grant to represent him in court. Seriously, the whole boring ass lawsuit would be so much more entertaining if Hugh were involved.

Source: The Sun.

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