Jamie O’Hara 0 – 1 Trolls

Jamie O'Hara,Danielle Lloyd,quits,Twitter,trolls,£35k-a-week,stress,Lets spare a sympathetic sigh for those sorry souls, Mr and Mrs Jamie O’Hara this morning because their world has just turned into a world of sads. After receiving one too many ‘romantic twesonnets’ from the trolling twat-n-tweet brigade Jamie has hit the delete button on his Twitter account.

This has made Jamie’s wife, the irrepressible Danielle Lloyd, turn off her sexy face and pout uncontrollably. (see below) in much the same way as she does whenever she sees Jamie’s pay-slip. Truly sad.

Whenever an extra slow 12-year-old throws the word slut at me from the back of the school detention room instead of doing as I do and firing back “SHUT YOUR BITCH-ASS MOUTH” Jamie’s parting words were short and simple: He tweeted:

“Too many trolls on here with nothing nice to say.”

And then it was over. Nobody can say shit about £35k a week not being a decent living wage anymore  🙁

What I’ve learned from my Twitter experience is that whenever a skank tells a bitch to go eat a bowl of hot dicks it shouldn’t be regarded as an exchange of fighting words. Trolls exist, we know this and we should ignore their sorry asses.

Seriously, if every time someone tried to ruin the film by rustling a crisp packet we all huffed and then ran for the exit, nobody would ever get to see the end of the damn movie.

Source: Daily Star

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