Legals: Cole v Cowell.

Simon Cowell,Cheryl Cole,US X Factor,sued, expenses,unpaid,According to the Sun on Sunday Cheryl Cole is continuing to milk her disastrous affair with Simon Cowell’s American X Factor for every penny she can get.

You’ll remember how Simon sent his producer (Richard Holloway) to sack Cheryl after she had filmed just two live auditions in Los Angeles and Chicago. Well, Cheryl has slipped on her suing heels and is once again practising “SHOW ME THE MONEY” in the mirror.

Peter Samson has reported this morning that despite already being paid £1.1m in compensation, Cheryl has thrown a lawsuit at Simon for a further £1.4 million.

Yes, you can make fun of Cheryl on NMi and she won’t threaten to sue (yes, she might). You can say that she gargled on Will.I.Am’s unmentionable and she won’t sue (yes, she might). You can say that she stabbed us all in the ear with that tornado of screams she called What’s My Name and she won’t even threaten to sue you (yes, she might). But if you fail to pay her for a second series of American X Factor that she didn’t even appear on well, she definitely will sue your ass.

The SOS have all the details right here but essentially Cheryl appears to have filed in the LA Superior Court for a string of expenses she incurred for a show that she never even appeared on. The SOS says the expenses include £62,000 for clothes, £16,000 for hair/make-up, £9,400-a-month for rent and £1,600-a-month for living expenses.

Here’s how she explained hitting Simon with a completely logical, reasonable and not-at-all crazy lawsuit:

“It’s got nothing to do with me or Simon — the lawyers can deal with whatever’s going on.”

What kind of a reptilian David Icke explanation is that?

With that being said, I hope that Cheryl wins because then I can cite this case when The Sun on Sunday fail to pay my dumb-ass for a column that I’ll never write for them.

“You must pay me! Check the Cowell vs Cole case of 2012!”

Source: The Sun On Sunday

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