Chantelle Houghton: She’s A Clever One.

Chantelle Houghton,Drunk,Dolly,daughter,Essex,This isn’t the worst picture that was taken of Chantelle Houghton’s drunken shenanigans in Essex last night, (this is) but let’s pretend that it is because it’ll explain why I’m tagging this post, drunks, trashed and magical messes.

You know, it warms my dead heart to see that Chantelle really isn’t as stupid as she looks (she is) because last night she knew that if she’d had to take a breathalyser test then she’d have blown a great big F. That’s why she arranged for a designated driver to drive her home whilst she was all boozed up in the passenger seat. And that’s clever, right?

Being clever might also explain why in a recent interview Chantelle said that she is trying to build a strong and trusting relationship with her daughter Dolly.(see Digital Spy) Well, that’s another clever move right there by Chantelle. By getting really close with her daughter Chantelle is doing exactly like I did when my kids were young.

Back then I always tried to be as nice to them as possible, because I knew that in 20 years time I didn’t want them hanging up on my drunken ass whenever I called them to pick me from a bar. After all, who wants to become one with a pair of handcuffs and then get hauled off to a police station to pose for yet another mug shot?

Answer: Nobody.

You know what, that Chantelle Houghton …. she’s a clever one, really she is!

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