Cheryl Cole To X Factor No More.

Cheryl Cole,X Factor,Music career,Simon Cowell, No Return,It’s a miracle! A little over a week ago Cheryl Cole dropped a £1.4m lawsuit on Simon Cowell’s foot for unpaid expenses etc which she claims are due to her after he dumped her from the US X Factor, AND NOW she’s telling us that she’ll NEVER return to the UK X Factor.

Well, who saw that coming?

All this talk of Cheryl’s coming back or Cheryl’s not coming back is conjuring up images of her licking the wrong end of a hot-dog in my mind and I really don’t like it.  But thankfully, the nation’s crisis (that you gave zero shits about) is over!

The Sun says that Cheryl has resisted all attempts (meaning none) to woo her back to Simon’s struggling show for next season and that the Girls Aloud singer simply wants to concentrate on her music career instead.

A friend (Cheryl’s publicist) told the Sun:

“Cheryl really enjoyed her time on the show but she has moved on. She had three really good years and wants to leave it there.”

Via: The Sun.

Well whoopee, if that isn’t the second coming of Who gives a f**k  about Cheryl Cole.  Now that we know her fate we can go back to more important news stories.

Like the mystery of the sneezing baby Panda:

If you cant see the video click here

Source: The Sun.

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