Blind: Who’s Relationship Is Totally Faked?

Blind,singer,relationship,faked,answer,Since the tabloid gossip columns are all still shackled to Lord Leverson’s apron strings today seems as good as any other to revive the unfounded and scurrilous rumour. Yes, this seems like the perfect moment to publish another blind item here on NMi.  This one I sourced from Blind Gossip over there in the land of the free and the home of the brave. America!

Here we go:

‘We know the tabloids and the fans are loving this hot young couple!

We also know that the relationship is completely fake and won’t last much longer.

The paparazzi are notified whenever they are on the move so they can be photographed holding hands and looking like a couple.

All the hand-holding and party kissing is totally staged. They don’t really care about each other… but they both sure know how to play the publicity game! They also know that they can never, ever admit that the whole relationship is a publicity stunt.

And here’s a fact that will either trouble fans or leave them greatly relieved: They aren’t really spending the night together! They walk into the front door of her hotel holding hands, but he only spends a few minutes with her. He spends the night at his own place, and then meets up with her the next morning when they are ready to leave. The couple then leaves the hotel through the front door a couple a minutes apart to make it look like they spent the night together.

The relationship is scheduled to be a very short one. They may ring in the New Year as a couple… but they won’t make it to Valentine’s Day.’


Since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have hogged up every blind item about faked relationships for months now I refuse to guess it’s them but instead of using my brain to work out the answer, I read the comments instead. The popular guess at Blind Gossip is Taylor Swift and Harry Styles and that fits completely if you believe what LeahLynn28 is saying:

Harry is gay and is dating another boy of his band. Everybody knows he’s gay…since ever. And everybody knows Taylor is a professional beard.”

If you believe Leah then the bigger question has to be how can this NOT be Taylor and Harry?  I don’t know but the next time we see Taylor Swift singing without glitter in her eyes or a tiara in her hair then we’ll know she’s been lying to us.

So yes, Harry’s totally got this for me….. final answer.

Source: Blind Gossip.

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