Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan,probation,lying,police,lorry,revoked,judge,Lindsay Lohan wasn’t in court in Los Angeles yesterday when a judge, Commissioner Jane Godfrey, snatched her probation away. Lindsay had been placed on probation after admitting stealing a necklace but the judge has now revoked it because she was charged with lying to the police after she’d crashed her Porsche into a the back of a lorry.

A hearing has been scheduled for January 13 and that’s the day, Judge Godfrey could throw Lindsay into jail for eight months for violating her probation. Oh dear!

Here’s good news, according to sources Judge Godfrey isn’t so fond of sending show business ladies into jail and much prefers to shuffle them off to therapy or rehab instead.

However TMZ say that prosecutors believe that Lindsay has had a thousand chances to stop screwing things up for herself and they want to see her locked up in a cell with the key shoved up her …..

I think that if Lindsay is sent to jail, (she won’t be) before they can even open her cell door she’ll be released due to overcrowding or some such thing. After all we all remeber what happened last time.


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