A Boxing Night Sponsored By Mark Wright And James Argent.

Mark Wright,James Argent,*the only way is Essex* Fight,Faces,Boxing Night,The dumb-ass nectar that flows through Mark Wright’s veins reaches boiling point when mixed with booze and that’s exactly what happened at Faces on Boxing night.  Mark is still that dick bag boyfriend you just know you’re going to be pulling off another asshole (not in a sexy way) during any bar fight which is co-sponsored by the paparazzi and The Only Way is Essex.

Both mailonline and OMG blog are saying that Mark got into a brawl with his friend James Argent (which was probably less exciting than an Eastenders episode). There are two sides to this mess of a story. Witnesses at the club say that Mark started acting the fool and then got punched by James who wasn’t having any of it.

But James’s friends say that Mark threw a drink over him while leaving the club. They then took to ripping each other’s Christmas jumpers. The paps took some pictures as this girlie mess spilled out onto the street. Damn! Paying to see Vinnie Jones’ Mean Machine is beginning to feel like a left hook to the wallet. Or is it?

No, not really. Firstly, the police weren’t called to question every drunk bitch who saw the fight so nobody got their wrists in cuffs which meant that Mark + James + booze didn’t equal police sirens. Secondly, both brawlers later took to Twitter to issue loving messages at each other and thirdly nobody got hurt, which means this whole thing was just fun and farts in Essex and not worth reporting on.

So why oh why did I bother typing this….

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