Dumb-Drunk Bitch Of The Day: Tamara Ecclestone.

Tamara Ecclestone,Drunk,New Year,2013,Party, Annabels,No New Year would be complete without a dumb-drunk-bitch-of-the-day picture (like this one above) making it into a tabloid. On a positive note Tamara Ecclestone did manage to leave Annabels last night in a chauffeur driven limo, meaning she didn’t have to do a bunch of sobriety tests or give fellatio to a breathalyzer (like you do) when you get pulled over for drunkasfuck driving.

Yes, these pictures tell the story of last night’s New Year’s party held at Mayfair’s prestigious night spot Annabel’s, where Tamara drank herself into a stumbling, wobbling, messy disaster. The only things missing from these shots are a vodka martini in her hand and a Marlboro dangling from her mouth. Bitch looked, acted and sounded like a dock road hooker who just sat on an electric fence.

Tamara Ecclestone,Drunk,New Year,2013,Party, Annabels,

Boris Johnson should give Tamara the frazzled brush prize, because this is what New Year entertainment is all about to me. New year IS some drunk mess paralyzing the town with fear by yodelling out a karaoke love song then bringing her vertical frustrations to a sudden horizontal decline. I only wish I was that doorman in the background for Tamara to fall back on.

On a slightly better note, Tamara tweeted this picture earlier today with a caption that said both her Mum and sister looked beautiful last night. Oh sweet Jesus, this shit’s more embarrassing than making a bunch of paps laugh by breaking into a police van. (no, it’s not).

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