Bimbo Of The Day: Helen Flanagan.

helen Flanagan,Tweets,no shops,no hairdressers,bimbo,dumbassAs your asses already know Helen Flanagan is the reigning bimbo champion of the world and today she proved that she’s still got plenty of silicone coated brain cells left to burn. Yes, Helen proved just a few hours ago that a high boob to brain ratio is all a girl needs in order to secure a place in the Dimbio Directory of Dickery.

When it comes to brain cells Helen showed us that she still has plenty in reserve when she literally incinerated a few thousand of them in a bonfire that she built on her Twitter page earlier today.


Seriously, that tweet is so dumbo dumb that I’d be surprised if Helen even knew it was January 1st today but as all loud-ass bitches know that means it’s a public holiday. But you know, I’ll give Helen a break this time because she’s only 22 years old and this beautiful tinselled tweet did cause a whole rowdy bunch of bitches to start LOLing like somebody had just paid off their meth bills. So good job Helen, I think I love you, if only for this.

In fairness to Helen anyone who appears in these pages usually has a tarnished, bruised, wart-ridden reputation to uphold and as everyone knows any kind of reputation IS a reputation. A good one takes years to build and it can be lost in a quick second. One should caress and love your reputation. You really shouldn’t set fire to it right in front of Twitter.

I’m just going to tell myself that this whole messy mess has a happy ending. Hopefully, somebody at the Trafford Shopping Centre rang Helen to let her know what goes down on New Years day in Manchester. Then Helen hopped on the bus, rode down there and scooped up the ashes of her reputation so that she can continue getting the tabloids to pay her phone bill.

The end.

Source and picture: Helen Flanagan

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