Rest In Peace: Chris, A Paparazzo.

Justin Bieber,paparazzo,killed,rest in peace,rip, Canadian NMi readers are going to need to keep it down here. If this sounds like something a dumb person would say while not paying attention because he’s too busy trying to find an emoticon that sums up the sads he’s feeling then so be it. I’ve just read the news that a paparazzo died last night whilst trying to take pictures of Justin Bieber.

It’s true. Reports are coming in detailing how a photographer was killed by an SUV as he was trying to take photographers of Justin’s Ferrari.

Let me hand you over to the mailonline who have more on this truly shocking incident. Here’s an extract:

The 29-year-old photographer was struck by a vehicle last night after taking pictures of the singer’s white Ferrari in Los Angeles.

The singer was not in the vehicle, which had been pulled over by police officers at about 6pm. It is believed the female driver of the vehicle which struck the man stopped other cars from hitting his body.

via: mailonline

The photographer, we think his name was Chris, was following Bieber’s white Ferrari when it was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers. As Chris jumped from his car to take pictures he was struck by the SUV.

I have no wise-cracks, funnies, sardonics or sarcastics for you here. All I have to say is Rest In Peace Paparazzo  Chris, you were a soldier, a hero, one of us. Yes, lay with the angels now Chris, may they bring you peace. You’ll be sadly missed back here on Earth so our thoughts and prairs are with you and your family at this truly distressing time.

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