Damn That Girl Aloud !

Kimberley Walsh,Cosmopolitan magazine,great ass,My dreams have come true! When my family break down my door, because they haven’t heard from me for weeks, they’ll open the curtains and find me curled up in the corner of my office (dining room table) with my finger pointing at this picture of Kimberley Walsh.

Kimberley has ‘flashed those curves’ for Cosmopolitan Magazine and it’s nearly caused me a seizure. Her curves are blinding. Damn Girls Aloud! Damn Strictly Come Dancing! Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them naked. I honestly don’t think my heart could take that though. I’m not ready to see Kimberley’s naked curves.

Here’s Kimberley taking a break from singing last week (singing what I’m not sure) to pose for the February edition of Cosmo. You know it’s Brit Award material!

Source: mailonline via Cosmopolitan Magazine

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