DOI: Pamela Anderson Shock Exit.

Pamela Anderson,Dancing On Ice,Exit,nipples,wardrobe malfunction,Satan’s daughter was skating on thin ice last night! Literally. Pamela Anderson, that fallen angel who is already an expert at perfect timing, joined her skate partner Matt Evers in giving the Dancing On Ice audience a debut of two glorious Canadian nipples.

Poor Pammy, during last night’s skate off she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her ample cleavage tried to escape her tight costume. She tried in vain to “cover her modesty” but in doing so she lost concentration and stumbled on the ice, twice. This caused the judging panel to save Keith Chegwin instead, who had also come in the bottom two.

Close down the voting lines, because I can say with complete confidence that Jason Gardiner chooses for us all now. Actually, I take that back. If Satan’s daughter had flopped out an entire breast then the judges might have given all their votes to Pammy and the ‘womp womp’ music would have played Chegwin down the road instead.

“Pamela Anderson shock exit” are not words I thought I would type today but you know, Pammy did have some nice moves and the Satanic glint in her eye told me that she was having fun. But that’s probably because she used her powers of imagination (and you know she has one of those) to pretend that the ice rink was Kid Rock’s grave.

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