Peaches Geldof: Parpy Gets A Fierce Seeing To.

Parpy,Peaches Geldof,Dogging,*Fierce Seeing to*,picture,Murphy,Pet Dog,If you’re the fluffy-headed Retriever that is the subject of this fine portrait created by the aptly named Gotcha Images this afternoon then I want you to know that my little spaniel dog Murphy has a string of dental floss, a love tear on his cheek and a big tap dancing number waiting here just for you.

I don’t know why I’m posting this, perhaps my little dog has switched my Pinot with woofie syrup again, but seriously everyone I’m in CONDITION RED danger here. Not many things scare my ass but seeing Murphy dry humping this picture of Peaches Geldof’s pet dog Parpy when it appeared on my monitor today…. well, you have to wonder what (or who) comes next? (oh get out of the gutter)

Anyway, one can’t be too careful when there’s a doogie in love about the place so I’ve just drawn a chalk line drawn around myself saying HUMAN DO NOT ENTER. So far so good.

I blame Peaches Geldof for this dire situation, she should never have allowed this picture of Parpy’s love life to taken in the first place. Totally irresponsible in my view. It makes everyone want to call their boss and ask for the day off. And that includes sad fools like me who get to call people ‘dumb bitches” for a living whilst lounging around in dirty joggers!

On the other hand Murphy wants to bring this picture up on his Blackberry then cuddle it under his bed covers. He was all ready to do this when I told him the more he looks at it the more his AWWWs will turn into AAAAAHs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take another sip of woofie syrup because my chalk outline needs another coat.

Source: The Sun.

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