Say Something Nice, Lily Gave Birth.

Lily Allen,Cooper,birth,daughter,Marnie Rose,The Sun have reported that the artist former known as Lily Allen went into labor on Monday and didn’t pop out a baby daughter until Tuesday. So, here without further ado is another Say Something Nice post, specially for Mrs Lily Rose Cooper. (nee Allen)

This may surprise you but I’ve never given birth to a baby, but from what I’ve heard about the process I think I’d need heroin, crack, a Pinot drip and a bag of morphine gums to get through that shit! Labour doesn’t sound like a party.

No wonder the labour took 24 hours. That baby knew what Lily was going to name her, so she didn’t want to be piped out to that sound! Okay, okay, Marnie Rose isn’t that bad a name even if it does sound like Henry 8ths old battle ship. It could’ve been a million times worse. Lily could have named her Ark Royal or Cutty Sark.You know it crossed her mind.

Anyway here’s what a family friend told the Sun newspaper.

‘Marnie is a real cutie. Sam and Lily are ecstatic about adding another girl to the family.

‘A little sister for Ethel is brilliant news to lift the January blues for the family.’

Via The Sun.

And isn’t this just a thing made from lovely, sharing your birthday with Elvis Presely. That’s kind of awesome. Congratulations to everyone.

There. That was nice.

Source: The Sun.

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