Finally The Answer. What’s Inside A Girl’s Hangbag?

Lourdes,Madonna,handbag,contents,published,material,picture,Welcome to another slow-ass Friday where nothing is going on. Anywhere. So this post is about something you will never care about.

Whilst you may not care about anything in this article it does confirm that Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is the most underrated teenager since Bart Simpson because this ‘hot mess’ above is the first time I’ve ever seen the inside of a girls handbag.

We already know that Lourdes didn’t inherit her mother’s natural English accent nor has she inherited her mother’s penchant to play with herself on stage. No, fortunately for Lourdes the ‘behave like a pretentious skank’ gene appears to have skipped a generation.

I know the question you’re asking yourself right now. What kind of secrets are hiding within a teenage girls beloved handbag? The handbag she takes to the loo. The handbag she cuddles at night. The handbag that is her conjoined twin and her only confidante.

Teenage girls are very serious about their handbags and Lourdes is no exception. But Lourdes, (who is obviously going to be executed for committing teenage treason for this), has done some teenage mutant turtle shit and published to her fashion blog, Material Girl the ‘hot mess’ that lies within her (Lola’s) handbag.

That’s it above. Unfortunately the top half of this picture looks like the area around her Mum’s nasty … oh I’ll stop.

Please excuse me while I retrieve my blown mind from across the room.

Source: Material Girl/Twitter

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