One Day I’ll Fly Away.

One day I'll Fly away,Kimberley walsh,single,Centre Stage,album,musicals,releasedI’ve been looking at these pictures taken by Simon Wisby all morning. At first I thought they were of an angel ascending to heaven, but when I turned my lap-top upside down, the angel blinked.

It was then that I knew, Simon had taken some pictures of my favourite princess in the whole of the World. Kimberly Walsh.

Yes, I know what I’ve typed here but I’m still not sure what I’ve seen, but I’ll try to explain it to you anyway.

The Girls Aloud star is an releasing an album of songs, all from musicals. It’s called Centre Stage. Kimberley has now released the track, One Day I’ll Fly Away as a single. The song was originally recorded by Randy Crawford in 1980. However, Nicole Kidman made a proper mess of it when she sang it in the film Moulin Rouge in 2003.

But now it’s back. This time sung by the enchanting fairy princess that we all know as Kimberly Walsh.

Here’s the not very official video. Listen. Try and find a ‘yo yo yo’. You won’t. Cheryl.

If you cant see the video click “>here

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