The Next Time You Look At Chewbacca… Oh I Just Can’t WithThis.

SIOK Model's eyelashes At Berlin Fashion Show. As regular readers already know NMi is a blog devoted to the glamour of all those who have fallen from grace. This morning’s messy delight is brought to you courtesy of German fetish brand, SIOK.

As everyone knows, a true lady never wears anything favoured by sluts or porn stars and that includes eyelash extensions, which is why you’re assuming that this model’s eyes have naturally given birth to those ludicrous but luscious eyelashes.

Well surprisingly they haven’t – they’re false. Yes, I too had to take a second look. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that when SIOK sent this fallen goddess down the catwalk during last week’s Berlin fashion week they were all hoping that she’ll end up auditioning for the sequel to Sean of The Dead and that SIOK will be appointed costume designers.

I know, lash extensions aren’t exactly a new thing, but SIOK has taken ridiculous to a whole new level here after messing around with the tools of beauty that Mother Nature gave them. Seriously, every time this model blinks it’s like the sun itself is waving at you.

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