Straddling Rita.

Rita Ora,Elephant,Thailand,rides,picture,Guess who’s been humped, bumped and jumped behind a DO NOT DISTURB sign in Thailand? Even a brain dead with the IQ of a sock knows that I’m talking about Rita Ora.

And let me say that reading Ruta Hora’s (typos, they stay) tweet in the Mirror  practically gave me an overdose of irony.  Accompanying the above picture Rita has added the caption:

“We ride elephants… #crazy wassup.”

The seriously sick paragraph that existed here a few moments ago (about riding elephants) was probably best deleted.

This one can stay. Obviously the recession hasn’t hit Rita’s lady garden yet so by that “crazy wassup” shit I take her to mean doing it while the cameras roll.

Why oh why am I writing about these nobody whores anyway? And more importantly what’s my point? Oh I don’t know – because it’s a recuring theme on NMi? Maybe that’s it.

You know, if I ever graduate to the gutter press then one day I’ll write them a 2,000 word article on how a ‘crackie’ got into a fight with his own shoe. Be better than this.

Source: Mirror via Rita Ora/Twitter

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