Girls Aloud To Split.

Girls Aloud,Split,breaking up,quits,pregnant,arena tour,, Kimberley Walsh,If that picture above brings back memories for you then hold on to it, cherish it because you might never see the likes of it again. Well… that is until your gran downs a Mickey, jumps onto a table and then starts shaking it to a Girls Aloud tune.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the hot messes of Girls Aloud are quitting each other. Gordon Smart’s Bizarre column says it’s for good. My feelings about this are best expressed through the sea of endless sads coursing down my face.

I didn’t want to believe Gordon when he said that the Girls Aloud arena tour would become the Girls Aloud big farewell tour. And I couldn’t get with him when said that all five girls were unanimous about burying the band for ever.

But then I saw what ‘Anne Insider’ said. So brace yourself while I hand you over to Gordon’s un-named source:

The girls have known all along that this would be the last time they would all work together.

At the press conference to announce the tour, they deliberately dodged questions about future plans because they did not want to spoil the excitement.

They all felt it wasn’t right for them to be singing songs like Love Machine and performing the same way when they’re in their thirties.

They all want to make this a way to bow out on a high and walk away for the next chapter in their lives without constant questions about when they will be getting back together.”

Via: The Sun

Then Gordon said all the girls were quitting because they all wanted to get themselves pregnant and that Kimberley would be the “first to drop”

Oh, you just can’t make this up. I’m not even going to say what it looks like. I will say that if you’ve ever seen the inside of a portaloo after an all-night butt orgy, then you know what exactly what I’m thinking. Gordon!

I don’t know how I feel about this either because it’s kind of impossible to write something sensible when it keeps drunkenly falling off the edge of the monitor every time I shout NOOOO at it.

So the next time one of your journalist friends gets on to your ass for being a sloppy drunk known for passing out in the newsroom toilet, then show them this. Clearly, you’re not alone.

Source: Bizarre.

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