Dancing On Ice: FIX! Recount!

Baroness,Oona King,Dancing On Ice,Voted off,tumbled,dance partner,fix,recount,Oona King is the hottest politician since Louise Mench and an eye raising gift that just keeps on giving. Last night she was voted off of ITV’s Dancing on Ice. I feel totally ripped off because not ONCE did I see a better seat that needed warming.

Damn those judges. Damn the public vote.

And damn that Justin Gardiner too. He better take care of the haggard possum (no relation to Dannii Minogue) he’s got glued to his head because one day somebody’s going to hang this photograph right next to the Mona Lisa in the name of art.

Not since Lacey Banghard was voted off Celebrity Big Brother have I felt so cheated! Oona, one of the greatest skating talents this series century was shuffled off to the bus stop after her dance partner (I forgot his name already) crashed to the ice at the start of her routine.

FIX ! I demand a recount. Karen Barber didn’t even shed a tear! I expected her lips to quiver and quiver until her head flew off, but it didn’t.

After this performance I think the ice rink was declared an official disaster zone (see below) and I’m pretty sure that’s the last we’ll see of hot politicians dancing their butts off, unless we all move to Czech. I’m really tempted to do so. I can’t live without hot politicians with voices like burnt glass.

If you cant see the video click here
Source: ITV- Dancing on Ice

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