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Taylor Swift,Harry Styles,Stalks,stalks, hotel,London,Last night a room full of gossip-loving pixies over at The Sun’s show-biz column all fell off their chairs, sat back on their chairs and then all fell off their chairs again. The happening one, Taylor Swift has flown into Luton airport. Hot gossip. Changes everything. The internet has been rewound.

Yes, little Miss Sing-a-ding is doing her thing.

As soon as you pick yourself off the floor and remember that Taylor Swift is someone we all still care about, you’ll recall that Taylor’s 2013 began with Harry Styles putting her on a bus headed to Miseryville. But that’s not going to stop her getting her boring ass spread all over the Sun’s Bizarre column, quite the opposite.

Swift Stalks Styles. According to The Sun the ‘You Belong With Me’ singer has checked into a London hotel and (I say) immediately covered the walls of the Stalker Suite with pictures of Harry, who lives just round the corner.

This means it’s time for Mums everywhere to lock their barely legal sons to the boiler under the stairs, because The Sun are saying that Taylor IS in the mood for love.

“It’s my sign, you’ve been waiting, our heartbreak out there, somewhere out the way, there’s always a party somewhere, the love I been waiting for, oh oh woe oh woe yeah. Oh oh oh. woe-oh a-woe. Yeah ok.”

Words By: Miked. W (assisted by Murphy, The Little Spaniel Dog).

Seriously now folks, if the Sun’s showbiz column won’t employ my lazy dull word-smithing foolery then maybe I should take up song writing, (see above) after all it’s not the way that you sing it, it’s the way that you pen it.

‘Pen is’ power, right Taylor?

Oh I’ll stop.

Source: The Sun.

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