National Television Awards: Dress Disasters.

Dress Disasters,National Television awards,Tess Daly,Cheyenne Pidgley,Gemma Collins,It doesn’t matter where you lay it, the red carpet is a gift that just keeps on giving. Last night it was rolled out for The National TV Awards at London’s O2 Arena, so let’s take a moment to recognise those ladies who made the effort to make all your female relatives scream.

Yes, it’s Dress Disasters.

Whenever Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Cheyenne Pidgley (above) puts on a fancy dress for a premiere she usually looks like she’s in the middle of a devious scheme to set fire to the air. In this red hot pose her dress looks like a maxi-pad with WINGS. I love that it looks like the sluttiest slut dress that ever slutted. Really. I do.

If ‘Bitch is committed’ were an award category then Gemma Collins would easily have won for wearing this absolute mullet of a dress! It looks like something your Mum wore back in the 70’s and has only just donated to the Salvation Army. I love how Gemma is posing up like she was on the cover of Plumbers Weekly.

Everyone should now fall over and explode into stardust because Tess Daly is not only a beautiful red mess but she’s cold-hearted one too. Just look at how she’s smiling her fanny off but showing no remorse for causing the world to tip over. Tess is Strictly Cruella De Ville.

That last sentence was delivered with zero sarcasm, because a red dress paired with a cheap-ass clutch is the perfect picture of elegance and class.

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