Go To Rehab. Do Not Pass Go.

Paula Hamilton,Drunk,Celebrity Big brother,party,pictures,You know you’re every kind of a sloppy mess when a puddle of bad decisions leads you to a proud moment like this one above. You should be proud of yourself – if you’ve never done this.

When Paula Hamilton left the Celebrity Big Brother party the other night she didn’t appear to realise that she still has a problem with getting herself all piss happy in public.

Those paps. They sure are brave, getting that close to Paula’s nasty ass. Don’t they know there’s tiny mutant-creatures living all over her. Just looking at her makes my skin itch like there’s hobo-insects burrowing into my flesh.

Yup those paps. I won’t feel sorry for them if they all wake up tomorrow with maggots crawling out of their assholes. That’s what they’ll get. Dumb bitches. Seriously, if I went to a party and Paula was there, I would quit that bitch in a quick minute and then put in an anonymous tip to Alcoholics Anonymous.

I wish I could tell you that Paula was going to deal with her issues with booze and powder. Go to rehab. But I can’t because she ain’t gonna. Rehab’s expensive and living on benefits…. well.

So let’s all just close our eyes until this whole ‘celebrity over the rainbow’ thing finally comes to an end. It smells like sad and desperate wrapped up in a cloud of brandy fumes. And Marlboro smoke.

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