Either Or.

Amanda Seyfried,underwear,g-string,flashes,katie Price,natalie Cassidy,sluts,I’ve been scanning my RSS feeds ALL day. For news. Gossip. Interesting. Relevant. Either or. That’s a lie. I haven’t.

Eventually, I found these two pretty maids (Natalie Cassidy and Katie Price) sitting above each other on the mailonline website. It was like seeing a bloated bag of bad decisions and an eye rolling gift all rolled into one.

You know, it’s kind of hard to take The Mail seriously when they insist on calling Natalie  a “TV star” and describe Katie, (the slut that can’t stop slutting) as “shy and retiring”. It was getting time to leave.

Before I tipped my hat and blew Associated’s hallowed web site a final kiss-n-goodbye I scrolled down the page a bit further. Wondering what I’d left behind. That saved me. It wasn’t such a waste of time either because I found Amanda Seyfried. There she is above, leaving the Chateau Marmont in LA last night.

The picture is self explanatory but if I were Amanda I really don’t think I’d be broadcasting that G-string mess to the entire world. Does she really want to get slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit from Katie or even worse Kerry Katona?

Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know that Amanda has the word MINGE tattooed on her foot? I mean, I’m pretty sure “Minge” is Katie’s birth name. Or maybe it’s Jodie Marsh’s middle name. Either or. I’m guessing.

And since Amanda has minge tattooed on her foot, does that mean she has “foot” tattooed on her minge? Either or?

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