Oops He Did It Again.

Dancing On Ice,*Locked-in-syndrome*,Shane Ward, Jason Gardiner,remarks,ofcom,complaints,It’s a good thing that nobody calls Jason Gardiner daddy because if two messes like him were ever to get together then Jason could never slid down the happy rainbow waving a pink flag again.

I don’t know why I typed that first paragraph, happy rainbow sounds like the name of a massive orgy night at G-A-Y Astoria. Thinking about that almost caused me to forget the plot for this post.

The plot for this sacrilegious mess that I’m calling creative writing (you can call it whatever you like) honestly makes my obsession with public ridicule seem completely healthy and not at all messed up compared to Jason’s.

Why? Because on Sunday night’s Dancing On Ice when delivering his critique of contestant Shane Ward Jason told him that he looked like he had “Locked in Syndrome” That’s the heartbreaking condition a stroke or brain injury can cause which leaves a person paralysed except for their eye muscles. You’ll remember Tony Nicklinson, the poor guy who went to court and pleaded with a judge to give doctors permission to legally end his life. He described his life as “pure torture”.

Critiquing Shane’s skating performance to Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca Jason put it like this:

“Your Livin’ La Vida Loca was more like Livin’ la vida locked-in syndrome”.

Those few words sparked outrage among many viewers and OFcom have confirmed they’ve now received 24 official complaints.

The Sun are reporting on the backlash Jason’s ill chosen remarks have caused. Here’s a few quotes they’ve run from people talking about Jason’s latest public relations disaster.

Andrea Walker tweeted: “Jason Gardiner is disgusting and should be sacked.”

Emma Hatton said: “Jason Gardiner should be removed.”

Anthea Turner observed: “That’s the worst. I don’t think he thought that one through.”

The Stroke Association’s spokesman spoked: “All stroke survivors deserve support, compassion and understanding.”

Via: The Sun.

Jason took his sorry ass over to his Twit-Twat page in an attempt to defend the indefensible. He tweeted, “I think it’s good to bring taboo topics into the open” but nobody was taking him seriously so he deleted it.

Last night he told The Sun’s TV Biz column, “I sincerely apologise for any offence caused. That was never my intention.”

If this story isn’t a good enough reason to start smearing vodka over your face on a Saturday afternoon, then I don’t know what is….

Source: The Sun.

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