Dean Gaffney Seriously Injured In Car Smash.

Dean Gaffney,car smash,injured,hospital,emergency surgery,Dean Gaffney was rushed to the hospital last night after his Mini Cooper hit the central reservation on the A38 dual carriageway near Derby. The hospital say that Dean’s injuries were serious.

It is believed that Dean hit the barrier at over 60mph, because the Mini’s air bags inflated. The police have not said if booze played a part in the crash smash. Dean was cut out of the car by firefighters and rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency reconstructive surgery on his skull.

A source told the Sun newspaper:

“He was driving home from the theatre and the next thing he knows he’s slammed into something.

“The airbags went off but Dean got a serious smash on his head. He passed out and there was a lot of blood. The car was so folded up he had to be cut out by firefighters.”

“He has a gash from his eyebrows to the top of his neck which has gone through to the skull.”

Via: The Sun

The hospital have said that Dean’s injuries are not life threatening, so it’s safe for you to make those jokes about how he must have been having text fellatio with his girlfriend Sarah Burge just before he ran into that annoying crash barrier.

Source: The Sun

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