More Dumb-Bitch Antics From Paul Gascoigne.

Paul Gascoigne,Drunk,Northampton FC,Charity event,trembling,swearing,According to everyone this morning Paul Gascoigne is still disturbing the peace with his trembling acts of drunken foolery. The good news is that this time Paul didn’t get to rub his butt all over the back seat of a police car. The bad news is that Paul’s latest date with boozed up embarrassment didn’t end with him walking away with a fresh pay cheque to exchange at Majestic Wines.

At a hotel charity function staged by Northampton Town FC on Thursday evening 500 dinner guests had paid £100 a head to hear Gazza talk about his dumb bitch antics with his agent Terry Baker in a question-and-answer session.

But who could have guessed that after the ‘wrong side of hammered’ Gascoigne was helped onto the stage he’d launch into a 10 minute tirade of swearing and trembling and then burst into tears before being escorted off it again by security? Answer. Who didn’t.

According to one guest:

“It was horrible seeing him like that. It was tragic. The consensus was certainly that he does not have long left.”

Via: The Sun.

We’re all laughing at Paul’s ass now but you watch in a few month’s time, Andy Grey and Richard Keys will be honouring him with the words, “And the Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Dumb-Bitch Antics goes to Paul Gascoigne

I’m sorry but while the tabloids are still leaping across the clouds of sensationalism Gazza is still out there being a public drunk and getting his liquored up ass closer to licking on a bottle of a wine because he’s too drunk to open one. Oh what am I saying, that’s some shit I want to see. HIRE GAZZA!

Source: The Sun

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