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Liz Hurley,Audi,Stolen,Mayfair,It’s not often a chronic dried up mess that you used to have to pay for with rose-scented fifty pound notes gets her butt-ugly face featured here on NMi so the-hell-with-it here’s Liz Hurley and the Grand Theft Auto story that went down in Mayfair last Thursday.

According to the Sun Liz went shopping in Mayfair last Thursday lunch time. She parked her top-of-the-range Audi, slammed the door and then disappeared for 3 hours. When she got back? Audi was gone.

There’s a few theories floating around as to what happened here. Some seem to think that car thieves know that Liz is a dumb-ass bimbo who always leaves her keys in the car so they hide behind rubbish bins waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Some seem to think that Liz is a little behind on her filler invoices so this how she’s going to feed her silicone fetish. Others say that Liz is just a botox filled fool who thinks that driving is really overrated.

But I think that the security camera video is going to show that Liz simply forgot which street she left the Audi in.

Source: The Sun

UPDATE 04/02/13

Liz Hurley’s car has been found (where she left it) in a street in Mayfair, with three parking tickets on the screen and no sign of it being broken into. Thank you Detective Mike! (source mailonline)

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