Brawls: It’s Come To This.

Danny Simpson,Tulisa,Street Brawl,unconscious,fight,videoIt’s been way too long since we’ve featured twits and twats whoopin’ each other’s asses in the middle of a take-away restaurant. This time one of the dickbags is a celebrity who didn’t get just get messy…. he got all the rainbows punched off his faggot-face.

The Sun have all the details but here’s a brief outline of what went down in Manchester last night.

While Tulisa Contostavlos was partying her WAG off in Marbella on Saturday night her footballing boyfriend Danny Simpson was back home in Manchester getting himself drunked in the Circle Club with a couple of his former team mates.

The Sun say that the jackets came off and the fists starting flying when Danny dropped by Rice Flamebar and Grill in Manchester city centre on his way home.

According to witnesses Danny and a middle aged man inside the take-away started dragging each other back and forth so before leaving Danny threw a sidewinder at the man’s face. That’s when the whole Gangnam style fist party spilled out onto the street. Let me hand you over to The Mancs of Manchester who are representing this fuckery:

EXIBIT A: The Witnesses.

He kept hassling girls and making a real nuisance of himself. He was definitely drunk.

“Then him and this guy started getting aggressive with each other.

“They started scuffling. The man was pushing and shoving Danny and he just lost it. He punched him.

“I heard a bang and turned to see Simpson had punched this bloke, who fell to the ground.

“Danny got in a taxi outside but the two bouncers rushed over and opened the door.

“There was a girl there trying to calm the situation and telling the taxi to take Danny home — but one of the bouncers dragged him out then punched him in the face.

Via: The Sun


If you cant see the video click here

This post is dedicated to those quick thinking street journalists without who’s iPhones the mess above would just not have been possible. Well dones all round.

Source: The Sun

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