Gillian Talyforth. Would you Hit It?

Gillian Taylforth,actress, Would You Hit It,Cover,Closer magazine,Here’s a picture of 57 year-old actress Gillian Taylforth who features on the cover of Closer Magazine. You can practically see the steam rising, Gillian is like having a piping hot kettle sitting on your lap.

Looking at that picture above is probably making Ian Beale want to start ‘oinking’ at women as they change in their dressing rooms (again) but the question here is….. Would you hit it?

I’m crazy and neurotic enough to say yes but only because Gillian’s voice makes a man go crazy. But sadly it’s a No from me. Final answer. Remember this because it’s the first time I’ve ever said NOT TODAY to a “Would you hit it?”

Have I developed standards in my old age?  Exhibit A: Carol Vorderman and Exhibit B: Eva Longoria.

Yup, blame it on my neon dreams.

Closer is on stands NOW !

(OK! sorry)

Source: Daily Mirror via Closer Magazine

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