David Beckham: Would You Hit It? (part2)

David Beckham,Underwear,Bodywear collection,Facebook,When I heard that these pictures on David Beckham’s Facebook had melted over 170,000 G-strings it gave me a reason to take a trip over there to see that soggy mess for myself. And lordly lordy hallelujah what is one to do now?

Clearly, another Would You Hit It post, it’s that or type myself to sleep posting about Zayn Malik with a P (for pratt?) on his T-Shirt.

These two pictures are from David’s Bodywear Collection for H&M and for once I can actually smell the after-shave David is wearing and it smells like boiled muscle and frothy sweat. That’s the opposite to my daily workout smell which smells like bloated guinea pigs and failed desperation. (they say)

Everyone knows that I, like any other refined and classy adult, would hit on a broken toilet seat if I had to, I’d feel really weird about it but no, I wouldn’t hit on David Beckham not even if his abs tasted like Rimmel bronzer and Clinique eye shadow. NO No no.

source: mailonline.

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