NEWS FLASH: Kellie Shirley Is Sad That The Paps Took This Picture.

Kellie Shirley,actress,Run for your Wife,film premiere,flashes,underwear,Everyone is saying that Kellie Shirley (Carly Wicks in Easteneders) is okay with muffs in the workplace when they should be throwing holy water and hissing at her instead. Oh I’m a lying piece of trash, I don’t mean that last bit.

The above picture was taken at last night’s Run For Your Wife premiere and it’s self-explanatory but you know, if everybody stopped wearing cloths all together then maybe it wouldn’t be such a scandal if somebody’s underwear made a public appearance. (I know what I said there). No actress would ever again say,”It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.” (Anne Hathaway).

Life would be a breeze.

So to speak.

Knowing that pieces of trash sell pictures like this to bigger pieces of trash who post them on their piece of trash web sites (why are you looking at me?!) is a sad indictment of the world in which we live.

Oh what am I saying? A little underwear flash isn’t going to turn our children into drug addicted sluts with no morals. They’ll do that by themselves.

Source: The Sun

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