Michelle Collins: Hacked!

Coronation Street,actress,Michelle Collins,daughter,Maia,Twitter,hacked,bad breath,bad nails,Michelle Collins is crying HACKED after her bad breath appeared on her Twitter page. The Sun say that Michelle’s 16 year-old daughter Maia “hacked her Twitter account” then told her 76k followers that her Mum had bad breath in the morning and suffers with bad nails.

I didn’t see the (now deleted) tweets but if I had then I’d have believed them. What I’m trying to say is I would have believed Maia because of the way Michelle turned heads at the TV Awards last month which would lead most people to believe she does have bad breath.

However, Michelle’s ‘mystery parts’ did not make an appearance (no one wants to see a tacky cow naked) which is where this whole prank of Maia’s fails for me. What I mean is, if I were Maia I wouldn’t have hesitated, not for a second. Up to Twitter would have gone the contents of Michelle’s sexy draw (lube, toys, underwear cuffs whips etc) quickly followed by a screen print of her adult dating profile, pictures of her secret ‘pocket hottie’ and her tax return.

Actually I can sympathise with Michelle (I can’t) because my daughter has hacked my Twitter account loads of times.  You don’t think those late night tweets that sound like they were scrapped off used crack foil are mine do you?

Source: The Sun

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