Lego Customer Services Are Alive And Well.

Lego,Luka,lost figurine,customer services,letter,reply,Okay, I do get it that toys are the thing right now and I can think of a million toys that could be featured here which would take us all back to The Land of Home Alone.

I know, it’s way too early in the morning for that kind of foolery so let me hand you over to 7 year-old Luka. Luka is a little boy whose parents bought him the Ninjago Lego kit to go with his Ultrasonic raider set for Christmas. If you don’t know what this means then Google is there to assist.

Unfortunately for Luka he lost one of the figurines on a shopping trip to Sainsburys. There were tears and wails as his little soul tried to escape from his 7 year-old mouth. There was sadness all around.

This is what happened next:

Thanks @DannyMcFly/Twitter

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