Take Me Out: Flash-n-Tumble.

Falling over in a public place happens to the best of us. For me after a few vodka tonics the room starts to spin, I stumble and I always fall over. Predictable as it is embarrassing.

When Emma Walton from London appeared on ITVs Take Me Out show just like me she embarrassed herself in public. Unlike me she chose to do so in front of a TV audience.

Tomorrow night (ITV 8:05) you’ll see how Emma’s big moment is ruined as she joins the rest of the girls parading into the studio. On the way down the stairs Emma’s feet fail her and she topples off her skyscrapper heels.

As Paddy McGuinness tries to pick her up he manages to hitch her skirt up round her waist meaning Emma’s mystery parts are now on freeview to the world. Exhibit A.

Flashing her underwear while giving a prostitot pout doesn’t come naturally to Emma who fails to handle this with any grace or dignity. I’m sure she’s going to auction those shoes on E Bay or donate them to professional stilt walker like Jodie Marsh who would never allow a pair of heels bitch slap her like that.

I wish I had a video to show you because watching people fall over in public is as funny as hearing your Grandad break wind in church. Instead here’s a picture of Emma embarrassing herself again, this time in front of her Twitter followers.

Source: Take Me Out via The Sun.

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