Amanda Bynes Tweets-n-Deletes Jay Z’s Ugly Face.

Amanda Bynes,actress,tweets,Twitter,Jay Z,ugly,face,It’s a gift!  I don’t even know who Amanda Bynes is (Google – my friend) but I think I love her already. The Daily Mail are saying that Amanda took to her Twitter-Twatter the other night and pointed out to her 274k followers that rapper Jay Z has an ugly face.

Yes, Amanda sure knows ugly when she sees it. I can’t say that I feel sorry for Jay-Z here because the first time I saw him I also thought that’s one ugly mug and started shouting “Holy God cover up that face” at my monitor.

It’s true, his face IS ugly. It looks like my little spaniel dog Murphy’s face when he’s rubbing his swollen anal glands up against a tree. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

Seriously if I had a pube bush and a pair of dumbo ass ears stuck to my head and some goofed up teeth hanging out of my mouth then I’d expect people to start shouting Elephant man at me too. Really I would.

Anyway back to the thread. Amanda tweeted how Jay-Z is proper ugly the night before last, but then she deleted it along with everything else that she’d tweeted that night. The Mail think her account was hacked but I don’t. I’m always doing it, deleting tweets that I’ve sent out while drunker than a thousand apaches.

Honestly, I come downstairs in the morning turn on my laptop and there they are – tweets that look like an anti-circumcision group has been rubbing foreskins over the screen. So I delete that shit right away. Because I’m smart!

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