Gazza Near Death Arizona.

Paul Gascoigne,hospital,rehab,death,close,internal organs,failure,alcohol,withdrawal,The Mail are saying that Paul Gascoigne is in hospital in America with the severe sicks. According to them after flying out to Arizona to attend rehab Gazza has suffered multiple organ failure due to a catastrophic reaction to alcohol withdrawal.

Whilst they’re saying Gascoigne’s condition has stabilised things are not looking good. Nobody is sure if he’ll ever recover.

A source told the Sun:

“Gazza’s in a bad way. He’s much worse than he was. He’s had really bad withdrawal symptoms relating to  not drinking since arriving at the clinic.

His internal organs are shutting down and he’s in intensive care — it’s a potentially life-threatening situation.

If he doesn’t receive the best treatment from doctors he could die.

Gazza’s got no money to pay for the treatment and health care in the US is very expensive.

His life depends on it.”

Via: The Sun

There are no smart-ass comments to make here, this sounds like the serious shit. I really hope Gazza pulls through.

Source: The Mail On Sunday (via the Sun).

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