Here’s Duchess Kate’s Uncensored Baby Bump.

Kate Middleton,baby bump,uncensored,bikini,musitique,pictures,Chi Magazine,royals,naked,Duchess,Cambridge,The fuzzy pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge’s half-baked soufflés bathing topless in France will live on forever in our minds and on the Internet.

Last week, while Duchess Kate strolled in the surf on the Caribbean island of Mustique, a tourist hung upside down from the mast of a boat 400 yards away. He raised his iPhone and then took pictures of her naked royal baby bump. The Royal family said they were disappointed to hear about that.

Today the Royal family are said to be even MORE disappointed after learning that Silvio’s people at Chi Magazine over there in Italy not only bought those pictures, they’ve published them. Yes. Very disappointing.

The British MSM are said to be more than just disappointed by the behaviour of their Italian counterparts, they are shocked and disgusted. SHOCKED and DISGUSTED!

They’re disgusted because Duchess Kate’s privacy was invaded. They’re shocked because the BBC say that the Royal family are considering throwing a lawsuit at the tourist who’s been causing all this shocking and disgusting disappointment.

But mainly the British MSM are shocked and disgusted because every time a picture of Kate Middleton wearing a two piece surfaces anywhere in the world the Royals automatically let out a wall-shaking groan followed by a lecture on press morality, responsibility and ethics.

And that turns everyone’s day into a big lump of glum.

Here’s the pictures of Kate Middleton’s baby bump which are featured in Chi Magazine. (may god have mercy on my soul)

Merci pour les scans, vous savez qui vous êtes.

Source: Chi Magazine.

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