Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell Charged With 19 Sex Offences.

Coronation Street,actor,Michael Le Vell,Kevin Webster,sex offences,rape,child,charged,Last night Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell was charged with committing acts of child touching. Specifically the charges relate to six rapes, six indecent assaults and seven charges of sexual activity with a minor. According to the police the child touching allegedly began in 2001 and ended in 2010.

Michael Le Vell (real name Michael Turner) who played Kevin Webster in the popular soap was first arrested in 2011. Back then he “strenuously denied” any wrong doing, but when he attended Pendleton police station in Greater Manchester yesterday evening detectives told him that they thought otherwise, so they charged his ass. 19 times.

Le Vell was released on police bail and is due to appear in court on February 27.

Public intoxication, fighting in the street or making a nuisance of yourself at airports are all regarded as dumb bitch moves nowadays because the authorities are always looking for a reason to tase you and then drag you off to jail. But sex offences and child touching is quite another matter.

If Le Vell hears the word guilty when he appears in court the WHOLE WORLD will want to see his nasty ass hanging from a lamp-post.


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