Fearne Cotton Just Gave Birth To A Very Royal Baby.

fearne Cotton,Births,baby,son,Rex Rayne Wood, born,tweets,Jessie Wood, king,queen,As a species the human being is meant to evolve and part of that evolving means keeping innocuous phrases like ‘over the moon’ away from our mouths. But, because we’re now making people not say it, they’re tweeting it instead! We have got to do better.

Just when I thought that today would be like every other day this week, slower than Nick Clegg, the news keeps flowing in. The drought is over. First we hear that Prince Harry’s privacy has been smeared over the papers and now we’re hearing that Fearne Cotton and Jessie Wood have welcomed their first born, Rex Rayne Wood into this world.

In old English Rex means King and Rayne means Queen. (Wood just means dodgy grandfather or out of it.)

Because today is one of those days Fearne didn’t give a damn that she’d just launched herself over the moon she tweeted her joy anyway…via an iPad. Presumably after she’d given birth.

Look, my soul is simply bubbling over in a pool of happiness (not really) knowing that Fearne got herself a baby so I really should Say Something Nice.

Um…… Congratulations.. I’m over the moon for you.

Source: Fearne Cotton/Twitter

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