Cheryl Cole: Nasty Business.

If you went to the opening of the Girls Aloud Ten Tour in Newcastle this evening then you’ll probably have noticed that Animal Planet aren’t the only ones to have a pussy spazzing out during their show.

We’ve already seen Madonna popping out her crotch on stage but tonight the censors are struggling for an explanation as to why a firework has gone off in Cheryl Coles’s bloomers. See below.

In this picture I don’t know whether Cheryl’s soul is trying to escape from her eye sockets or if it’s trying to escape through her gargoyle snatch but if she were wearing a crucifix it would’ve spun upside down and exploded into dust.

I’m trying not to judge anyone here, (I am) but if Cheryl thinks it’s cool to hit you in the face with her mystery parts then I guess it’s okay to buy your mum crotchless knickers for Mother’s Day.

Source: Cheryl Cole/Twitter

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