Rita Rumours.

Last year we had Rob Kardashian weeping a river of sads over Twitter after he found out that his former girlfriend Rita Ora had (allegedly) let a gaggle of guys run her raw whilst they were together.

And then there were those Jay-Z rumours and Jonah Hill and Snoop Dog ….. Actually, I should’ve written that post instead of this one. Yup, lots and lots of Rita rumours.

It now seems that Gordon Smart over at The Sun has been listening into Rita’s bulldozer lady parts again because he’s heard yet another rumour.

Yes, despite Rita declaring her undying love for ‘wifey’ Cara Delevinge and saying that she has “no time for the opposite sex” Gordon writes that Rita’s been getting up close and personal with David Beckham’s buddy Dave Gardner. So close in fact that (Gordon says) she’s even introduced him to her parents.

Oh Gordon. Oh Rita. Oh Cara. Oh dear.

EXHIBIT A:  The mailonline ran the above picture of Rita leaving Dave’s house on Tuesday morning.

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