Joanne Beckham’s Cleavage Slip.

Joanne Beckham,Cleavage,slip, picture,David,Victoria,Funny,sister,I found this picture of David Beckham’s sister Joanne on 3AM the other day. I can’t think what it was doing in there and I can’t begin to explain how implants can slip out of a side door and make their way back to the wild. No. I can’t explain that.

But, be careful here because if you stare at the picture long enough your eyeballs will pop out like a cartoon hound!

It’s safe to say that David got gifted all the looks in the Beckham family because those thighs on Joanne don’t lie. They’re telling a horrible story. And I know everybody’s laughing at her now and calling the photographer a paparazzi genius, but if it were Victoria he’d pictured then she’d have punched him in the face and stuck a restraining order up his bum.

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