Katie Price: Pregnant Again!

Katie Price,Pregnant,fourth child,Kieran Hayler,husband, knocked up,That sound you’re hearing, which sounds like a Velcro zip slowly coming apart, is Katie Price’s voice being played in slow motion. Speed it up and you’ll hear the words, “I’m pregnant.”

Yes it’s true, Katie announced in The Sun today that she will soon resemble a python that swallowed a buffalo after turning husband Keiran Hayler’s swollen ball of horniness into child number four.

Katie told the paper:

‘It comes as a shock. But we’re all over the moon’.

Well, if you’ve known someone for a whole three months, do you really want to waste your time getting their name needled onto a body part or instead get yourself the maximum amount of knocked up column inches with a gut full of baby?

I really can’t wait to hear Jodie Marsh’s response to that question….

If you cant see the video click here

I know I pull this clip out of the archives every other week, but it’s a gem and it best expresses my feelings on just about everything.

Source: The Sun via mailonline

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