Kimberley Walsh’s Nipples Almost Jump Out At Girls Aloud Concert.

Nipples,Kimberley Walsh,O2,Girls Aloud Concert,Flash,wardrobe malfunction,It’s always seemed odd strange to me that I have to blank out naked nipples in my pictures. I know I have to do it, because the b-holes of my advertisers always start frowning whenever they ever see a nipple hanging out of a ladies blouse.

I hardly ever blank nipples out on thumbnails though (tweet me if that’s a problem), because you can’t really see anything unless you pull a Kimberley Walsh that is. Kimberley’s nips made an extraordinary public appearance while she was jerking her sexy parts during the Girls Aloud concert at the O2 on Friday evening.

It’s not like Kimberley’s nipples were humping on a burning cross. They were covered up at least. They look a bit chewed up and probably need a good soak in ice, but that’s not the way the Sun and the Mail see them. They’ve have gone into freaking orbit, a disastrous wardrobe malfunction is how they’re putting it.

I think Kimberley putting out her nips for public consumption was more in the name of art than any wardrobe malfunction but this is what happens when you don’t wear a bra. I know, that’s not the point, I mean, they’re just nipples! Nipples are harmless. Mostly. We all have them right?

I’m gonna talk to my advertisers. I’ll let you know what they say. And yes, it’s a slow gossip day…….

Source: The Sun via mailonline

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