Funny Picture: Prince Harry Lets One Go?

Prince Harry,William,Duchess Kate,Farting,funny,pictures,breaks wind,Prince Harry’s whole act is to coax eye rolls out of people in public places. Sometimes he does this by sneek farting around them. That’s his thing.

Normally, the fartee (receiver) resorts to laughing and/or throwing a “you bitch ass bitch” look but at a society wedding in Switzland the other day shit got serious as the fartees (Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate) had no clue who the farter actually was.

You know, to me farts are always funny. Especially Royal ones. What’s equally as funny to me is how Princess Kate is looking like she’s about to whoop innocent William with a slap of fury!

It’s a win/win all round.

Source: mailonline

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