Kate Moss: Trashy Transparent Onesie.

transparent onesie,Kate Moss,party,Carine Roitfeld,trashy,Karl Lagerfeld,If Kate Moss ever thinks that this look is on the right side of classy then she hasn’t heard the whole of Paris laughing at her. Arriving at designer Carine Roitfeld’s party last night the wanton Moss seemed happy to get all her camera attention by flashing everything required to create a perfect portrait of pure trash.

Yes, I’m afraid that by opening the above picture of Kate wearing a black transparent onesie and then zooming in to see how much of her lady bits are showing really does make this the rock bottom moment of my blogging career.

Moving on.

The party was thrown at the Shangri La hotel by designer Carine Roitfeld to launch her CR Fashion Book Issue 2 and was attended by Jessica Alba, Amanda Seigfield, Jessica Chastain, Kanye West, Adrien Brody and Karl Lagerfeld.

In the world of haute coulture this event was made of pure gold, but for me the thing that made my ass cackle like Sebrina the teenage witch was when I heard that Carine’s PR had said to Karl Lagerfeld:

“That Kate Moss woman, she really is inappropriate”

Well, if Karl Lagerfeld was ever in a room full of Katie Price’s (and we all know that Katie IS the most inappropriate woman in the world), then Karl would still be the most inappropriate piece of trash in the room.

source: The Sun

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